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Our Director is helping to promote mTicketing - here is her case study:


Ann O’Driscoll and her family are recent adopters of First West of England’s mTickets and are experiencing a range on benefits when commuting into Bristol. Ann is an infrequent bus user, predominately working from her home along the A37, and travels into the city centre for meetings once or twice a week using the Mendip Xplorer 376 service.  

“Adopting the mTickets has been incredibly simple. It really makes all the difference when you have got a meeting first thing in the morning in the city centre. Living in a rural village, where cash isn’t always accessible, it gives you a peace of mind that everything is already paid for on my smartphone. All I need to do is turn up and get on the bus.”

“There’s no more faff with holding up the queue waiting for change, then hoping the driver has the correct change and if not, getting a change ticket. I recall one morning heading to the bus stop before going into Bristol, I stopped to get coffee before realising that I had left my purse at home. As you can imagine, I was panicking because I knew that I wouldn’t have enough time to get home and collect my purse without being late for what was an important meeting. In this instance, the mTickets was a lifesaver as I could get my tickets on the go.”

As well as Ann, her husband and eldest daughter have also adopted mobile bus payments. “My husband travels a lot for work, for years he would completely dismiss public transport and would drive to Temple Meads and pay to park there. Once he learnt about the mobile technology that First had introduced he was eager to embrace it. He knew it would eliminate many issues that would usually deter him from using it.”

“My daughter, who is currently on a gap year, works in Bristol too. Like me, she loves the fact that everything is so simple and just stored on her phone. With her job she can work from any of the Bristol outlets that the company has here. At the drop of a hat, she can just turn up at the bus stop and travel across the city. It saves time and take much of the stress of out her job!”

Ann is the director of North Bristol SusCom, a group of major employers that promote sustainable commuting to their 40,000+ employees and 30,000 students. As well as using the bus, she also cycles, takes the train and occasionally uses the family car for travelling.

“By using pre-paid mTickets, it helps to put buses on par with travelling by bike or using your car. Knowing that I can just get up and go and not worry about anything else is a major advantage. I think that in a pioneering city like Bristol, introducing mobile payment is the next logical step. You see how seamlessly London made the transition and I’m sure Bristol will do the same.”

Ann and her family purchase the Outer 10 Journey ticket through the mTicket app, making a £3 saving every time they purchase the ticket. This ticket is valid for 12 months on the mTicket app. 

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